"Cody has a way of making you feel excited and empowered... after hearing him talk about the value of truly understanding LinkedIn, I decided to start bulding a profile! Cody's coaching style made it easy to understand how to actually start using LinkedIn for impact. Which has proven quite valubale to me - connecting me to great connections and opportunities. Thanks!"
"I met Cody at a pivotal point in my professional life. I was dissatisfied with the way things were going, but I was unsure what to do about it. Cody took a personal interest in my story and invested himself in helping me rediscover what was important to me and redefine my priorities. Cody’s positive outreach lead me to a change in employment and brighter outlook for the future."
"Cody opened my eyes to the world of perception. He encouraged me to take a step back and reflect upon how others perceive me in both the physical and virtual worlds. Cody helped me tailor my LinkedIn profile by thinking about what I wanted to communicate. Specifically he taught me how to revamp the "Skills & Expertise" section by highlighting particular attributes and reaching out to my network for endorsements. Thank you Cody!"
"First, taking head shots is really weird. You feel self-conscious, there's all these lights and you have to make faces you don't usually make. Oscar, though, makes you feel really comfortable, gets you talking and the time flew by. I had a great time at the photo shoot. Most importantly, the shots he captured are fantastic. There were so many good ones to choose from. Especially if you're looking for corporate head shots, Oscar will bring out the real you, not some bland, stuffed shirt facsimile. And, on top of it, he turned around the retouching very quickly.
I would highly recommend Oscar for any head shot photography - or any other shoots. He makes the session fun, he gets great shots and he's very professional."
"When changing careers, I really wanted to start fresh and ensure that my outer appearance truly reflected my professional expertise. Considering the bulk of my clothing was Kirkland brand (Costco), I knew that I needed help. Cody was very understanding of my personal preferences during our shopping day and provided me with a very defined set of guidelines to find the right attire that vastly improved my image. I’ve been reassured by Cody’s professional fashion advice through continued compliments from colleagues and clients on my appearance."
"I’ve had the great fortune of having Cody as an advisor during my job search. He’s a talented strategist with an emotional intelligence that is off the charts. Cody helped me revamp my resume, align my messaging to my strengths, and build an authentic brand. The job search/interview process can be a bit of a grind but Cody’s mindset coaching inspired and re-energized me. I’m incredibly grateful to have Cody in my corner."
"I got to know Cody when we worked together on an intense week long project. Despite the tight timelines of our project, Cody took the time to get to know each member of our team personally and understand their strengths and development goals. The dialogue he built with each team member was crucial to helping us build a strong and cohesive team culture. He empowered the team in this perfect way that just exposed each individual's best strengths! By the end of the week we had built a product we were all proud of and the judges were extremely impressed by our final presentation!"
"Working with Cody was a life changing experience. Through our many positive chats, we strategized how to approach and energize my career. My LinkedIn profile is now polished and organized to portray my talents to potential contacts. "My real voice", Cody would call it. I can now observe and appreciate the value of working with an expert to build a sustainable and successful career."
"Cody is naturally motivating and a great listener. He makes it easy and comfortable to think about yourself, in terms of your passions, strengths, and professional/personal goals. Through that discovery phase of guided inner reflection, Cody was able to not only bring to surface things I needed to promote to others about who I am and what I can offer, but helped me learn better how to utilize social media tools to communicate that message. We worked fervently for a five hours straight on LinkedIn design, twitter, and other new sites that foster collaboration and networking (such as start up sites where executives communicate on best practices). After his consultation and support, I have a clear roadmap on how to better use the tools available to me to communicate and build personal branding."
"Cody's advice and guidance has put me on a much more satisfying career trajectory than I was on before. His encouragement and compassion was one of the most significant influencers for me deciding to pursue my MBA at a school aligned to my personality. Through our many valuable conversations, I became actually motivated to go after a better career that would lead me to personal fulfillment and better compensation. On top of that, Cody provided fantastic advice on my new career path that has led me to work with a local economic development program and assist in the development and engineering of a revolving loan program to provide micro loans to local entrepreneurs. He is quite resourceful. With Cody's advice on networking, I am now making headway into local venture capital funds in regions where I see myself building a future. Because of Cody's coaching, I now feel more confident about where my career is heading and my prospects upon graduation - just an all around more enjoyable life now! Thanks Cody!"
“I joined an ex-client in the O&G world after spending 3 years in Management Consulting and in 1 month I knew this was not a long term role for me. I approached Cody (we became close and fast friends after working together previously on a M&A project) during my “quarter-life crisis” trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; do I continue chasing the money or am I looking to make a difference? I valued both Cody’s insight and experience in the start-up/tech realm and envied the business culture so I approached him for his advice, guidance and recommendation. He asked me simple questions that I had not thought about; What am I looking for? What makes me happy? What kind of product or environment increases my productivity and effectiveness? While working full time, Cody compiled a list of startups that would be a great fit for my personality and included a potential point of contact that he knew to provide a network on my behalf. Cody is positive and persistent beyond belief and I could not imagine anyone better to help me during my time of transition.”
"Cody was a tremendous help in taking a very rough conceptual business idea and turning it into a product worthy of a business plan competition. If it weren’t for him I would not have placed second, or felt confident enough in my idea to present it. He is an invaluable resource, mentor, and friend with a knack for creativity and innovation."
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